DIYing it

“DIYing it” is the decision to use your God given abilities to produce something new, whether it’s from something old or something raw.

It’s the decision to stop waiting and to start creating.

It’s the act of making the most of your space in the ways you envision it.

It’s building a legacy with your hands.

I’m new to this although it doesn’t feel that way. The decision to start do-it-yourself projects was born out of a need that has grown into a hobby.   

“DIYing it” is a great outlet for me and the rest of the family.  Every project quickly becomes our project.  

It’s also a well kept secret therapy session and that’s why after each “DIYing it” experience, I share My DIY Epiphany for that project.

I hope to help and inspire other newbies along their DIY journey to just do it—yourself.