Hear Me Roar.

Performing is such a high!    I will venture to say it is the act of giving of one’s self, with abandon, that results in such euphoria after a performance.  It gives off the fragrance of freedom and boldness.  Well, I was feeling kinda bold and free during this annual birthday photo shoot.

The wardrobe in this installment of The Closet Actress are part indulgent… well all indulgent.  I didn’t need any of these items.  Why are they in my closet?  I was raised on thrift and outlet stores and bought these particular items while visiting my hometown in NJ, where there are no lack of bargains.  I had to have them.  They were cute.  I was also under some illusion that just maybe I’d wear them- one day.  Well that day had come.  This post has made buying them worth it.   For a couple of hours while in my California apartment, kids not five feet away, watching a blaring Minecraft Youtube video on the TV, I got to go back East in the middle of January donning a navy wool camel’s neck coat sans a hat and scarf. I got to go to a spring brunch with friends wearing cute jumper dresses.  I got to make an appearance dominating mixed prints at a really cool evening event somewhere in the city where I was the host.

The necklace and the hair were my inspirations for this shoot.  I knew whatever I wore these would steal the show.  They encapsulate the mood; Unapologetic, fierce, a tour-de-force, bold, freedom.

I am satisfied by this annual birthday photo shoot as it will last past the days spent wearing them to “actual” events.

My husband did a heck of a job capturing the art and beauty of it all.













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