The Closet Actress

Welcome to The Closet Actress!

Where my love for acting and clothes meet, kiss and have babies.


The Closet Actress is the consummation of my love for clothes&fashion with my enduring passion for acting where I take the clothes from my closet, dress up and tell a story for the camera.

I am an actress.  Sometimes professionally but always in my heart.  It’s a card I keep close to the chest for many reasons, one reason being I spend more of my time as a mommy, homeschooler and writer than a working actor these days. Yet acting is part of me and has lived in the secret place of my heart many moons before mommy-hood.

You could say my talents as an actor is in the closet along with the Clothes, shoes, accessories I accumulate at thrift and bargain stores.  

I am glad to have created an occasion to take them both out of the closet for the world to see.  May you be inspired to do the same with your passions.