VIDEO: Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie Minis

My husband is in charge of making the sweet potato pies for the holidays, (boy, are they good!) while I cover pretty much everything else.  I wanted to involve the kids in the cooking fun and decided to help them make their own pumpkin pie from scratch.  I chose pumpkin for the hands on experience of cutting and cleaning out a real pumpkin. (Kids love messy stuff). 

We watched a slew of video tutorials to assist us in making the homespun pumpkin pie and got more than a few tips. Apparently my kids also got inspired. They requested we create a video for You Tube to help people make something special for the holidays too.  I am not always able or desire to oblige their requests to make random videos but this one was not only doable but simple and purposeful.  

Leftovers+Inspiration= mmmm 

Our first homemade pumpkin pie was a success. I still prefer sweet potato pie. In any case, we had leftover pumpkin pie filling but not enough to fill another pie crust. Not in the habit of throwing perfectly good hard earned filling away, we got creative and recorded it for your viewing pleasure.  Prefer sweet potato like me, we have you covered in this leftover makeover video too. 

If you are a mom or dad, babysitter or visiting auntie looking for a simple cooking project to do for the holidays with the kids, check out the video below.  While kid-friendly, it’s also a unique sweet alternative to bring to that inevitable potluck. (You’re welcome).  

VIDEO: Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie Minis

Love to hear. What’s your holiday inspiration? 


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